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About Us

Dhakeswari Bastralaya was initially established in Dhaka, (now in Bangladesh) in 1925. It was founded by the Late Kshetra Mohan Saha, in the market of Patuatuli, near Jagannath College (now Jagannath University), Dhaka. The late founder was a visionary who understood the signs of the time and its demand for a good saree shop that sold premium sarees of all varieties at a reasonable price. He was successful in his endeavour right away.

The shop was named after the famous Dhakeswari Temple in Dhaka, one of the famous Shakti Peethas across the Indian subcontinent. Right from its initial days, Dhakeswari Bastralaya emerged as a popular saree shop for the Bengali community, catering to its needs all through the year. However, the communal tension prevalent at that time forced the family to migrate to Calcutta (now Kolkata) in the year 1946.

Once the family settled down in the city, it started its saree selling business once again in the year 1947 at Rash Behari Avenue, Gariahat, Calcutta.

Dhakeswari Bastralaya today, is one of the oldest shops of Bengal and has earned a huge customer patronage spanning across generations. We have attained this by virtue of staying true to our core values of maintaining high quality and unquestionable trust. Our customers include elders, men, women and young people who live in India and overseas. We are attentive to the demands of finely handcrafted sarees and shawls of different variants and deal only with the best items.

We continue to cater to the changing demands of our growing customers as per their tastes and trends, therefore as a result we are in the e-commerce market. Today, the business has expanded much beyond the initial shop that was set up in Calcutta way back in 1947 and is successfully run by the 4th generation of the Saha family.